DROP DATABASE databaseName                 -- Delete the database (irrecoverable!)
DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS databaseName       -- Delete if it exists
CREATE DATABASE databaseName               -- Create a new database
CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS databaseName -- Create only if it does not exists
SHOW DATABASES                             -- Show all the databases in this server
USE databaseName                           -- Set the default (current) database
SELECT DATABASE()                          -- Show the default database
SHOW CREATE DATABASE databaseName          -- Show the CREATE DATABASE statement
-- Table-Level
DROP TABLE [IF EXISTS] tableName, ...
   columnName columnType columnAttribute, ...
   PRIMARY KEY(columnName),
   FOREIGN KEY (columnNmae) REFERENCES tableName (columnNmae)
SHOW TABLES                -- Show all the tables in the default database
DESCRIBE|DESC tableName    -- Describe the details for a table
ALTER TABLE tableName ...  -- Modify a table, e.g., ADD COLUMN and DROP COLUMN
ALTER TABLE tableName ADD columnDefinition
ALTER TABLE tableName DROP columnName
ALTER TABLE tableName ADD FOREIGN KEY (columnNmae) REFERENCES tableName (columnNmae)
ALTER TABLE tableName DROP FOREIGN KEY constraintName
SHOW CREATE TABLE tableName        -- Show the CREATE TABLE statement for this tableName
-- Row-Level
INSERT INTO tableName 
   VALUES (column1Value, column2Value,...)               -- Insert on all Columns
INSERT INTO tableName 
   VALUES (column1Value, column2Value,...), ...          -- Insert multiple rows
INSERT INTO tableName (column1Name, ..., columnNName)
   VALUES (column1Value, ..., columnNValue)              -- Insert on selected Columns
DELETE FROM tableName WHERE criteria
UPDATE tableName SET columnName = expr, ... WHERE criteria
SELECT * | column1Name AS alias1, ..., columnNName AS aliasN 
   FROM tableName
   WHERE criteria
   GROUP BY columnName
   ORDER BY columnName ASC|DESC, ...
   HAVING groupConstraints
   LIMIT count | offset count
-- Others
SHOW WARNINGS;   -- Show the warnings of the previous statement