1. Check your Timezone

      show timezone;

2. Check your timezone setting in postgrersql.comf

     select * from pg_settings where name ilike ‘%TimeZone%’;

“TimeZone”;”Asia/Calcutta“;””;”Client Connection Defaults / Locale and Formatting”;”Sets the time zone for displaying and  interpreting time stamps.”;””;”user”;”string”;”configuration file”;””;””;””;”GMT”;”Asia/Calcutta”;”C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/9.4/data/postgresql.conf”;524
select now(); –“2018-08-21 18:02:24.536+05:30”

3. Update new timezone

    update pg_settings set setting = ‘Europe/Vienna’ where name = ‘TimeZone’ ;

4. Reload configuration
    SELECT pg_reload_conf()

5.Verify changes

   select now();
“2018-08-21 14:34:44.267+02”

  show timezone;